Our favorite card in the deck: "A raccoon stole your mom's cappuccino. Drive back to town to buy her another and go back 2 spaces." Based on a true story.


Note: Each card deck comes with 3 blank cards, so you can write your own misfortunes or achievements.

Gone Camping! (Original)

  • Have you ever been stuck inside due to rain while camping, and you're super bored because your cell reception is nonexistent? So, you just sit there contemplating your life choices as the rain aggressively pings down onto the thin roof of the camper (or the even thinner top of the tent).


    Well, this game was created with that specfic situation in mind. Sure there are other games out there to play, but non are quite as tailor made for campers as this.


    Pretend to do the things you could be doing if it weren't raining!