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The Wind Blows North is a Christmas novel for readers 8 to 12. It reveals God's love for all of His children.

Feeling "all washed up" in life, retired sea captain Jacob and his faithful dog, Buddy, collect treasures from the sea to sell at the local trinket shop. When Jacob's daughter and her husband, who are keepers of the lighthouse, decide to go on a trip to see the Christmas lights in the city, they ask Jacob to watch the lighthouse while they're gone. 

All goes well for the pair until a bad storm hits. When Buddy gets lost in the storm and Jacob sets out to find him, they come upon a stranded couple with a small child. The young family, who cannot speak English, remind Jacob of the Christmas story. Filled with concern and compassion for the travelers, Jacob helps them along their journey. In doing so, he learns something new about the grace of God. 

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Mama's String is a pocket memoir which lovingly brings out the close bond between mother and daughter while sharing a creative way to deal with separation anxiety.

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Samuel has been chosen to help the Shepherd lead the flock and needs to follow closely. He comes upon a fallen sheep, named Peter, and becomes jealous when he sees the Shepherd carrying the injured sheep on his shoulders. He secretly decides to run away. As he ventures out, he meets up with a wolf in sheep's clothing and almost decides to follow until he realizes that his bell is missing.


Meanwhile, back in the fold, the Shepherd sees that his bell sheep is no where in sight and starts to search for him. Samuel hears the Shepherd calling him, but when he turns to follow, the wolf tries to attack him... ​

Latest Book

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In Jacky's latest book, Songbird Finds His Song, a little yellow songbird gets taken away from his tree by bird catchers and put in a cage.

Find out how he escapes and helps those around him!

A big THANK YOU to Laurie Bargenquast for illustrating this book!